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Gain Exclusive Access to Decision-Makers

Commercial Executive Magazine offers an elite database of over 6,000 readers via our printed magazine, website, newsletters and Solo eBlasts. With a daily online following and a higher-than-average open rate on our newsletters, CEM is a leading source for exciting and timely industry news. From a single ad to a long-term marketing campaign, let us develop a personalized advertising package to suit your needs.

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With an average of 4,500 magazines printed and distributed per issue, your ad is guaranteed to be seen by the industry’s top executives and decision-makers. 

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CEM’s website has over 1,200 visitors a day who read the latest news and profiles. This offers an exclusive opportunity to place your company’s brand directly in front of elite executives, companies, and perspective clients in the Phoenix market and beyond. We offer several campaign packages to accommodate your company’s needs and budgets.

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Newsletter ads are frequent, specific and cost effective. Each ad in our newsletter “clicks out” to the client’s requested web page and we can provide you a list of exactly who interacted with your ad. 

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Solo eBlast

Gain direct access to the inboxes of our elite database of over 6,000+ CRE professionals.  A Solo eBlast can feature a new listing, transaction announcement, new hire, event invitation, company expansion, etc. This exclusive offer includes a custom designed eBlast featuring your content only, prepared by our award-winning design team and seamlessly distributed to our elite audience. The image will “click-out” to either your requested web page or a featured article on the CEM website. Success-rate analytics will be supplied 48-72 hours after the eBlast is sent.

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