AVANA Capital Helping Commercial Real Estate Brokers Close More Deals Through Innovative Financing

An Arizona-based commercial real estate lender is having a significant nationwide impact by providing innovative commercial real estate loans that are creating growth and allowing businesses to succeed.
AVANA Capital’s innovative approach to commercial real estate lending is helping companies across the country purchase new property and restructure their financial picture. The company is at the leading edge of maximizing the use of government-backed loan products to serve a variety of industries in cities across the country.
AVANA Capital specializes in SBA and USDA loans specifically designed to promote business growth, and as a result, the parameters for qualification are often easier to achieve than conventional commercial real estate loans.
As a result, AVANA Capital’s borrowers can access up to 90 percent loan-to-value financing, with quick prequalification and a variety of loan structures.
“Our loan products are designed to meet the needs of a broader spectrum of businesses seeking to finance or refinance commercial real estate,” said Sanat Patel, Managing Partner of AVANA Capital. “As a result, we’ve had a great deal of success in finding solutions for businesses looking to invest in new properties or improve their current facilities.”
AVANA Capital’s loans have resulted in the creation of nearly 7,800 jobs spanning 30 states since 2005. With AVANA Capital’s ability to also offer interim loans as well as to partner with other lenders, the firm can originate and fund more SBA and USDA loans for companies looking to grow.
Some recent examples of AVANA’s financing include:
• Goldstein’s Furniture, a 100-year-old privately held company with operations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, was struggling. Its debt obligations were strangling the business’ ability to make a profit, and threatening the jobs of more than 100 people at its three retail stores and distribution center. Then Goldstein’s started working with AVANA Capital, which was able to provide the company with SBA 504 refinancing for its four large facilities. AVANA’s 504 solution enabled Goldstein’s to take advantage of a discounted payoff on their notes, resulting in an overall savings of $500,000.
• AVANA Capital, in participation with T-Bank and Altus Bank, recently funded an SBA 504 Expansion Refinance project in Washington. The borrower wanted to purchase a hotel in Walla Walla, Washington, and already owned a hotel in Moses Lake, Washington. The total project cost amounted to $13.4MM, which included the purchase of the new Holiday Inn Express hotel plus property improvements and the refinance of the existing hotel. With the guidance and assistance from AVANA Capital, the borrower was able to successfully meet the eligibility requirements necessary to obtain funds from the SBA 504 solution, and therefore, purchase the Walla Walla Holiday Inn Express and refinance the Moses Lake Comfort Suites property.
• A walk along the grounds of the stunning, serene Bushkill Inn & Conference Center in the heart of the Pocono Mountains makes it hard to believe that the site was once a non-flagged, startup construction project in one of the country’s toughest markets. With loan assistance from AVANA Capital, the site was transformed from a besieged pipe dream project in dire need of funding to one of the region’s most prestigious, picturesque and beloved destinations for both the corporate and recreational traveler, and a year-round refuge highlighting the peacefulness and panoramic views of the Poconos in an unrivaled storybook setting.
“We take a great deal of pride in our ability to help small and medium-sized businesses find the right solutions to their commercial real estate lending needs,” Patel said. “We’ve been privileged to work with brokers and real estate professionals who have seen the value our loan products provide and helped achieve a successful result for everyone involved.”
The word “AVANA” means “preserver,” and the company’s motto is “Preserving Wealth. Creating Growth.” AVANA Capital has funded more than $600 million in loans, which have resulted in more than 7,800 new jobs created and maintained in 30 states.
AVANA Capital provides a variety of loan products, such as SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and USDA B&I loans, and also allows for construction and tenant improvements. With AVANA Capital’s ability to also offer interim loans as well as participate with other lenders, more loans are originated and funded for companies looking to grow. The firm’s ability to participate with other lenders allows it to help banks get loans done, even if they have legal lending limitations or concentration issues, especially in special purpose asset types such as Hotels and Assisted Living Facilities.

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