Big Deals 2013

What a whirlwind year it has been. Following years of economic downturn, 2013 was certainly full of hope and promise. As we embark on this holiday season and look forward to another great year, we at Commercial Executive Magazine would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our readers, writers, contributors, and the industry professionals that drove commercial real estate forward. In the good times and the bad, we know we can always count on your support! And if 2013 was any indication, there are plenty of good times to come.

Speaking of good times, take a look at our cover article, featuring Michael Pollack. Over the past 40 years, Michael has profoundly affected the Arizona landscape through both his professional endeavors and philanthropic efforts. Within this moving feature, you can read about all the ways in which Michael has taken a personal interest in the communities his projects serve and how his business model has always been about so much more than turning a profit. Michael has used every one of his talents—from real estate development to playing the drums—to give back to the community.

Within this, the final issue of 2013, we also took the chance to single out some of the largest deals and other interesting transactions that took place over the past year.

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