City Property Management Company Announces First In the Nation HOA APP “HOA YOUR WAY”

Valley based and locally owned City Property Management, which now manages 100,000 residential units in more than 300 homeowners associations in Arizona has developed and released a first in the nation smartphone app that can be downloaded on any iPhone, iPad or Android device.  The app represents the first major technological advancement for an industry that has shown little, or no signs of 21st century innovation.


The new CITYLINK HOA APP is the most sophisticated and robust in the industry today. In many ways it’s a friendlier face for an industry that could use one, in a more involved way. The app was designed to act as a micro-communications network within the City Property managed communities.


At the push of a button on any of the communication networks, members of City Property Management homeowners associations can inquire about any one of several topics including paying assessments, viewing account histories, reviewing architectural requests, association financials or association meeting minutes.


Another feature, the lost or found pet finder has been well received by homeowners. The alert is instantly pushed out to homeowners before the pet can wander too far from home. Additionally, residents can alert their association about violations or maintenance issues that need to be addressed by their association, as well as vote remotely on elections and special issues. A photo can be included in the information along with its GPS location that will be transmitted to the CITYCYNC® management software to be reviewed by the community manager.


“The sky is the limit on what we can do with this new system,” said City Property Vice President Tim Garvin, Jr. “It not only makes the information available at the touch of a button, but also allows our residents to participate even more by providing immediate access to information stored in our CITYCYNC® system. We feel this is the first step in the right direction to modernize the community management industry, and we look forward to adding more features and functions as time goes on.”

The CITYlink HOA APP also offers homeowners the ability to vote on community issues from their device, thus increasing participation in the HOA management process. It’s as user-friendly as anything we have seen in the business,” Garvin said. “City Property Management prides itself on the fact that our resident’s information is always available to them at their convenience.  This fine tunes the process of sharing and accessing information, making it more relevant to the smart phone age.”


The system took nearly two years to develop. The APP is connected to City Property’s CITYCYNC® Management Software on the company’s servers. It works in real, live time and connects directly to a robust backend proprietary operating system offering round-the-clock access to all homeowner association business. The new APP virtually eliminates the need for time consuming phone calls and trips to the post office.


According to Garvin, “Our new APP and suite of specialized technology is changing the way associations do business and it is one of the reasons why numerous new communities are coming onboard and staying with City Property.”


City Property says it won’t rule out making the CITYLINK HOA App available to other markets and management companies.


“At this point in time we are offering this exclusively to our clients and residents in Arizona, but we have already been approached by others in our industry who want access to design a similar app for their association,” Garvin said.  “At this time we are just focusing our resources on fine-tuning this ground-breaking technology to make it the best it can be for what we do every day.”


For more information regarding the City Property HOA APP visit or call 602-437-4777.   Demo Video is also available at Click on the upper right corner in Video Theatre or  view directly at:

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