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After five years of charting the choppy waters of the Great Recession, members of the real estate industry are beginning to enjoy a smooth gust if wind in their sails—from industrial to multifamily sectors. With real estate back on course, everyone’s looking to catch the “Next Big Wave.” In this year’s September issue, we’ve compiled all the resources and insight you could possibly need to do so. Commercial Executive Magazine is revving up for the biggest Fall Forum event since it began four years ago. As is tradition, we interviewed the amazing panelists attending Fall Forum for a sneak peek of what’s to come.

In the next few pages, you’ll read about why economist Elliott Pollack embraces random things in life. You’ll also learn the interesting story of Jerry Moyes ringing the public offering bell on Swift Transportation twice—and the kind of steadfast dedication it takes to shoulder a loan with a daily interest rate of $1 million. Additionally, Scott Peters shares the origins of Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. and Chapin Bell discusses the ambitious multifamily efforts of P.B. Bell. Prepare to be awed by the sheer size of land and tasks ahead of Arizona Land Commissioner Vanessa Hickman and the inspiring story of DMB Associates’ Charley Freericks who made it two years with zero earnings during the ’80s recession. And last, but certaintly not least, read about Mel Shultz, whose journey in real estate began with a mere $5,000.

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