Families in RE: The Fierce Four


By Suzanne Heyn

When Patrick and Makenna Boyle were young, their dad would pack them into their car seats on the weekends and drive around to take pictures of commercial real estate properties.

Patrick would sometimes visit his dad’s office and pretend to work in empty cubicles. The kids listened to deals’ highs and lows around the kitchen table as the tight-knit family gathered.

“We really didn’t steer them into real estate,” said Paul Boyle. “I think they just saw there was tremendous opportunity in Arizona,” the chance for success and prosperity.

With mom Lisa, who also works in the industry, the Boyles have four family members in the business- and, with two kids still in college, the potential for more.

Paul, an Executive Vice President with Cassidy Turley’s Capital Markets group, started in commercial real estate in 1979. He worked hard during those early years, as he continues to do today, loving every minute of it.

Paul always tells the kids that even after 30 years, “he still wakes up and looks forward to going to work,” said Patrick. The dedication made an impression on Patrick and Makenna, who both entered real estate after college. Patrick is a Sales and Leasing Assistant with an Office team at CBRE, and Makenna is a Project Associate at Evergreen.

Lisa is Vice President/Branch Manager at Fidelity National Title Agency in Scottsdale.

The Boyle family.

The Boyle family.

Paul and Lisa taught their children the value of work, always helping, but never handing them anything.

In high school, Patrick wanted to record an album with his band and Paul lent him money to cover a portion of the costs. Patrick worked it off by helping his dad with research, an experience that would later help him succeed while working in CBRE’s Research department.

Paul and Lisa instilled in their children the value of saving and living within their means; lessons the couple learned early in their careers. “I got fooled by a few good years in a row,” Paul said. “The early years were challenging, figuring out how to juggle family and work.”

Those years brought Paul and Lisa closer together and ultimately helped them instill good business sense into their children.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2011, Patrick lived at home for a year to save money, allowing him to invest all his efforts towards future success.

Patrick recalled his dad telling him, “The first few years in the business you’re not going to make much money, so get a second job.” The summer after graduation Patrick waited tables at TeePee Mexican Food, where he still bartends once a week. He scheduled meetings with industry people and worked hard to find a job.

“Something’s got to happen sooner or later,” Patrick thought. At one point, an offer seemed close, but the company selected another candidate. Paul told him, “Hey, it’s just like the business. You get told no nine times for every one yes.”

With both Patrick and Makenna, Paul and Lisa stopped short of leveraging connections to help the kids land employment. They both wanted to prove their own way.

Makenna recalled the antics of Little League parents who were always pulling strings to get their children on certain teams. “It was a relief,” she said, “we wanted to make our own path and not have our parents find jobs for us.”

The tight-knit family laughs together and plays together. Makenna says that growing up, the Boyle home was always a welcoming place that attracted visitors.

“We are blessed to have a family that enjoys each other’s company,” said Lisa. “You can’t put a price on that.”

Lisa runs an efficient household. “She is the ultimate in terms of organization and efficiency,” according to Paul. “I learned a long time ago not to take my shoes off and leave them lying around,” he joked.

Lisa applies that same level of organization to her business which is why she is one of the top producing Escrow Officers for Fidelity Title. “I love what I do,” she said. “I loved raising my kids and being a mom, but I love the balance of having a career as well.”

With the Boyle family, where real estate is in the blood, it’s easy to have it all.



Specialty/market sector:

Paul Capital Markets/Brokerage

Lisa Escrow

Patrick Office Sales and Leasing/Brokerage

Makenna Project Management


Year started in industry:

Paul 1979

Lisa 1979

Patrick 2011

Makenna 2012


Best advice from dad:

Patrick: Treat people how you want to be treated

Makenna: Don’t burn any bridges

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