Families in Real Estate

Families in Real Estate

In these features, you’ll meet mother and son teams, father and son teams and families where multiple generations have all applied themselves to the singular goal of excelling in a notoriously challenging industry where only the tough-minded survive.

The families featured in this year’s Families in Real Estate cover show grit, passion, determination and above all, a willingness to support each other through the trying times engendered by the commercial real estate industry.

Despite the workaday struggles, these families continue to look to each other for love and support. Mothers and fathers who have already built successful careers pass on their hard-won knowledge to their children.

Parents mostly said they didn’t try to influence their children’s decisions in selecting career paths. The second generations simply tapped into their parents’ passions, and chose jobs in an industry they were exposed to from birth.

Parents and children spoke of each other with love and admiration. Some of the industry’s most successful heavy hitters, who think nothing of attacking a deal with the shrewdest business sense, still develop a hint of softness in their voices when discussing their children and how proud they are of watching them grow up and forge their own paths through life.

What an honor to teach your child, mentor him, and help him succeed in the very career that fed him and clothed him growing up.

And even greater, what an honor for a child to choose to live their adult life alongside mom or dad.


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