Father’s Day at Alliance Residential Company!

Father’s Day marks a special time at Alliance Residential Company for the Krohn family. Jim Krohn is the CEO of the management services division, which includes leading a portfolio of more than 95,000 units nationwide. Two of Jim’s three children, Jeff and Jana have joined him at the multifamily powerhouse, Jeff as the Vice President of Business Development and behind every expert-level strategy, Jana, Alliance’s Marketing Strategist.
Jim graduated from the University of Arizona, where he was quarterback of the football team and has since been in the Valley raising his three children. When asked about working with two of his three children at Alliance, Jim says, “It’s great. Our family was (and still is) very competitive. We regularly had the Krohn Family Olympics. I tried to incorporate teaching my children about life skills through sports, and I think this has helped them in their careers.”
Jeff Krohn, a graduate from Arizona State University turned down an offer from Harvard to join ASU’s football team, where he too played quarterback like his old man. It certainly wasn’t hard for Jana to compete with the boys, she too passed on a college offer, saying goodbye to Stanford and hello to an opportunity to swim at USC on a full athletic scholarship. If you ask Jeff, he is the reason behind Jana’s swimming success. “She wanted to beat her brother in the pool so bad,” he says. Now, years later working together at Alliance, Jana in Texas with her husband and two children, and Jeff here in the Valley with his family, Jeff says, “Working with your sibling to grow the business that your old man started is something we will always share.”
While the Krohn family believes that the tough love, competitive nature of their family is what makes them great in the workplace, each of them compliments their compassion for others as the reason behind their successes. “I think what I’ve learned most from my dad and sister, Jana, is to take care of people,” said Jeff. “Yes, it’s a business, and yes, the point is to make money, but if you always take care of the people, the business will take care of itself.” Jana also describes her dad and brother as people who “genuinely care for others and that makes them great leaders.”
Continuing to describe Jeff and Jim, Jana said, “our dad never missed any of my swim meets, or Jeff’s games, even in college. He was always present and cheering us on. He was our support coach!” and Jeff chimes in, “he has taught me to be a great leader and a great man.” The admiration is mutual, proudly, Jim Krohn says, “I am immensely proud of my children. It has been the greatest joy to watch Jeff and Jana grow both personally and professionally. They are great parents to their children and work very hard.” 


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