GPE Exceeds $100 Million Revenue for 2013; Continuing a Positive Trend

GPE Commercial Advisors, one of the oldest commercial real estate firms in Arizona, has many reasons to celebrate another strong year of absorption. Their 2013 results are as follows:

• Approximately 380,000 sq feet
of leased space
• Approaching 2.9 million sq feet
in real estate sales
• Exceeding $70 million in
generated revenue

President of GPE, David M. Genovese said, For another year I am extremely proud of our team and the results they produced. These results are a testament to their solid work ethic, creativity, strategy, integrity and dedication to performing for our clients. That same culture is what is evident in every aspect of what GPE does, not just sales and leasing, but property management, accounting, consulting, marketing and even human resources.”

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