Largest National Brokerage Opens Phoenix Office

Coldwell  Banker  Commercial  Advisors  (CBC  Advisors),  the   largest  Coldwell  Banker  Commercial  affiliate  in  the  world,  today  announced  commercial   real  estate  veterans  Chuck  Wells  and  Trask  Switzenberg  will  lead  the  new  Phoenix  office   as  well  as  the  expansion  of  brokerage  services  throughout  the  region.


“Over  the  past  year,  CBC  Advisors  has  experienced  great  success  in  our  expansion  across   the  country,”  said  Lew  Cramer,  President  and  CEO  of  CBC  Advisors.  “Growing  a  full-­‐ service  brokerage  operation  in  Phoenix  is  a  natural  progression  to  our  national   expansion  strategy.

We  will  offer  the  tools  and  resources  in  an  operating  platform  here   in  Phoenix  that  our  clients  have  identified  across  the  country  as  an  industry  leader  in  all   the  markets  we  serve.”   With  the  resources  and  support  provided  through  CBC  Advisors  and  more  than  35  years   of  combined  commercial  real  estate  experience,  Wells,  along  with  Switzenberg,  will   deliver  an  extremely  relevant  and  efficient  platform  that  serves  not  only  the  needs  of   their  clients  but  also  their  team  members.

“CBC  Advisors  impressed  me  from  the   beginning  with  their  willingness  and  proven  ability  to  support  their  team  members  and   provide  them  the  most  relevant  tools  to  service  their  clients,”  said  Wells.  Wells  will  lead   growth  initiatives  as  Managing  Partner  of  CBC  Advisors’  Phoenix  office  with  Switzenberg   serving  as  Vice  President-­‐Retail.   “My  years  of  practice  in  the  Phoenix  market  and  research  seeking  industry  leaders  lead   me  to  Chuck  and  Trask,”  said  Rob  Cord,  President  of  CBC  Advisors  Asset  Services.  “It  is   imperative  to  initiate  growth  of  a  new  office  with  professionals  of  the  highest  caliber.     We  have  done  just  that  with  Chuck  Wells  and  Trask  Switzenberg.”

CBC  Advisors  employs  an  innovative  brokerage  platform  built  on  an  agent-­‐centric   approach.    The  firm  focuses  on  the  tools  and  resources  professionals  require  to  serve   clients  and  achieve  results.  From  private  aviation  and  an  upscale  office  culture  to   institutional-­‐grade  asset  management  and  advisory  service,  CBC  Advisors  invests  in  its   agents  and  respects  the  individual  brokerage  contribution–resulting  in  cumulative   success  for  its  professionals  and  their  clients.
A  relationships-­‐oriented  approach  is  at  the  core  of  the  firm’s  delivery  model,  carrying   through  all  aspects  related  to  service  offerings.

CBC  Advisors  supports  29  offices  coast  to  coast.  500  commercial  real  estate   professionals  advise  clients  in  primary  and  dynamic  secondary  markets  nationally  with   more  than  21  million  square  feet  under  management  with  an  asset  value  in  excess  of   $3.5  billion.  The  firm  operates  as  a  full-­‐service  commercial  real  estate  brokerage,   representing  world-­‐class  office,  retail,  and  industrial  projects  nationwide.

“CBC  Advisors  has  been  the  largest  Coldwell  Banker  Commercial  affiliate  in  the  world  for   more  than  a  decade  and  possesses  the  national  footprint  required  to  deliver  value  for   client  assets  coast  to  coast,”  said  Wells.  “Trask  and  I  look  forward  to  strengthening  that   professional  network  and  further  building  upon  a  new  and  progressive  force  within  the   commercial  real  estate  industry.”

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