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Celebrate Your Spotlight

All prices for plaques, PDFs and extra magazines include taxes, shipping and handling.
Email celina@mpmediaaz.com for purchase inquiries.

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Order a Plaque

Perfect for office display, our sophisticated plaques commemorate your CEM publication. Our design team will prepare your article specifically for your plaque to ensure your magazine feature is enjoyed for years to come.


Front Cover
(Can be purchased alone or
added onto a multi-page plaque)
2 pages $330
3 pages $430
4 pages $530
5+ pages Contact for Estimate

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  • Please contact celina@mpmediaaz.com if you would like to purchase a plaque larger than 4 pages.
  • Shipping address plaque will be sent to.
  • $0.00
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Purchase a PDF

Purchasing a PDF of your article allows you to legally use and reprint the article for promotional materials and client supplements.

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Half page (alone or added on) $150
1 page $250
Cover(alone or added on) $300
2 pages $350
3 pages $450
4 pages $550
5+ pages Contact for Estimate

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  • $0.00
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Purchase Magazines

Orders for extra magazines can be made prior to print. Post-publication, you are also able to purchase magazines from the available stock.

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5 magazines $20
25 magazines $85

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  • Ex: Issue 2, 2019
  • $0.00
    Please note: Magazines are not shipped to customer. Please coordinate with Celina when to pick them up from Commercial Executive Magazine office. Address: 2920 E Camelback Rd., Suite 228 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Contact: celina@mpmediaaz.com

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