Rodeo Realty’s CEO, Syd Leibovitch Predicts the 2015 Real Estate Market

Syd Leibovitch is president and owner of Beverly Hills, California-based Rodeo Realty, Inc. The residential real estate firm has more than 1,200 licensed agents and 12 offices. Syd Leibovitch also managed affiliate companies including L.A. Mortgages, Encore Escrow and Progressive Title.

Leibovitch studied Economics and initiated his career in selling real estate at the age of 23. He was a top selling REALTOR in the Los Angeles area by the time he was 25 and opened Paramount Properties out his garage in 1986. Paramount Properties was re-named Rodeo Realty and is now one of the leading single owner residential real estate firms in California.


Available for comment or interview on the following topics:

• Market Conditions: Leibovitch, along with Rodeo Realty agents or brokers, are available to comment on real estate market conditions as they oscillate. The firm can speak to mid-to high-end markets, Southern California markets, REO markets and changes in the mortgage industry.

• The Luxury Real Estate Market: Sales have increased since 2010 for homes in upper-end ($1 million +) category. Leibovitch can compare East Coast to West Coast luxury home sales and the increasing trend in this particular market.

• 2015 Predictions: Housing markets throughout the U.S. are struggling to make a recovery in time for the New Year. Homes are still selling and an increase of international buyers have entered the market. What do Syd Leibovitch and Rodeo Realty agents predict for 2015?

• Entrepreneur/Executive Profile of Syd Leibovitch: Leibovitch founded what is now one of the largest independently owned residential firms in California. He started Rodeo Realty out of his garage in 1986 as Paramount Properties. His mission is to provide agents all the tools and support for success. How has he done it? How does his business model differ from large national firms?

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