Tower Capital Closes Four Loans Totaling $14,588,750

Highland Park Apartments in Tucson, Arizona

• $3,320,000 Loan
• 70 Units
• Cash-Out Refinance Loan



Carole Arms Apartments in Phoenix, Arizona

• $1,998,750 Loan
• 44 Units
• Acquisition Loan


Villa Sorrento Apartments in Tucson, Arizona

• $1,470,000 Loan
• 60 Units
• Acquisition Loan


Land Development in Phoenix, Arizona

• $7,800,000 Loan
• Construction Loan





With a combined 75 years of experience, Tower Capital has participated in almost every area of the commercial real estate industry including real estate brokerage, mortgage banking, securities and private lending – across all real estate classes.

In 2015 we founded Tower Capital, an independent structured finance firm focused on assisting real estate investors navigate the capital markets. Through a strategic team approach, we streamline the financing process to obtain the best solutions for our clients in the most time effective and least costly manner possible.

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