Two Projects By LGE Design Build Transform Grounds Of Iconic Axis-Radius Nightclub

LGE Design Build, in conjunction with Architect Artie Vigil of AV3 Design, are transforming the site of the iconic Axis-Radius nightclub into two new venues they say will meet the changing needs of the area.

Formerly Axis, Construction Complete on New Bottled Blonde Pizzeria & Beer Garden

The group recently finished a complete renovation of one area of the the club, converting the space into the more casual atmosphere of Bottled Blonde Pizzeria & Beer Garden.

“We wanted to create something truly authentic and unique to Scottsdale that people would not find anywhere else,” Vigil says. “It’s very communal – a great place to just hang out with a greater emphasis on food and craft beers. You’ll see lots of people in board shorts and casual clothes than dressed up.”

The 7,000-square-foot facility at 7340 E. Indian Plaza in Scottsdale was designed to meet a changing set of needs from the residents of the area, according to Vigil.

“We have found that people just don’t dress up to go to nightclubs like they used to,” he says. “We wanted to create a space that would diversify the area a little bit, and most importantly give them a non-chain place to hang out that caters to the specific needs of the Scottsdale market and that they won’t find anywhere else.”

David E. Sellers, President of LGE Design Build, says he felt this was an important project.

“Axis and its sister club, Radius, were well known all over the country as the place to be in Scottsdale for years,” he says. “When you work on an iconic place like that, there is just a little more pressure to build something else memorable that meets the standards set before. I think we’ve achieved that at Bottled Blonde.”

Another Axis-Radius Demo-Rebuild Underway

LGE Design Build has also begun demolition and rebuilding on the site for another new facility, Live Wire, which will host concerts, theatrical events, weddings, parties and special events.

“The Live Wire concept is representative of the changes in the entertainment district in Scottsdale,” says Vigil, who is on this project as well. “The nightclub atmosphere has changed dramatically, trending heavily toward live entertainment—bands, DJs and the like. We also wanted something that would help diversify the area somewhat, since there are already plenty of nightclubs in that area.”

Also located at 7340 E. Indian Plaza, the southeast corner of Camelback Road and Buckboard Drive, the venue will have a capacity of 1,100 for concerts and events.

“With a total demo and rebuild, this will be a completely new facility with a totally different target than Axis had,” Sellers says. “The thinking was that we will build something that will meet the needs of Scottsdale both today and into the future, and I think Live Wire will be on the leading edge of a rebirth of the Scottsdale entertainment district.”

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