Valley Real Estate Entrepreneur Michael Pollack to Make National TV Debut on Tuesday Night

Without further delay it is finally here.  Valley real estate entrepreneur Michael Pollack, of Pollack Investments, will make his national television debut on Tuesday night, April 29th when he appears on an episode of A&E’s Barry’d Treasure.

Pollack’s love of collecting rare memorabilia has spanned more than 40 years.  From his sought after Frank Polk Slot Machine collection, to owning the largest 3D Advertising Museum in the World, to a beautiful collection of rare Baranger displays, Pollack owns some of the biggest and most sought after collections around the globe.

Over the years, many have stepped in to help the Valley real estate mogul track down his next great find. So it was no surprise that Pollack is showcasing his rarities with the help of Barry Weiss and the new series Barry’d Treasure, to help find his next beloved antiques.

Watch Barry’d Treasure on A&E April 29th at 10:30 PM as the Valley’s favorite collector teams up with Weiss on the episode entitled “The Unbearable Enlightenment of Barry” to find Pollack’s next great treasure.

“This was a lot of fun, not only to be working with Barry, but for him to help me find another great addition for my collection,” said Pollack.  “I have been collecting antiques since I was a little boy and anyone who knows me will tell you, finding these little gems and restoring them is a full-time job and I’m just glad Barry could help me.”

To check-out some of the items in Pollack’s collection visit his website at You can browse the collection or take a virtual tour of the museum.

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