Velocity Retail Group Finalizes 70 Transactions in First Half of 2016

The retail-focused real estate company of Velocity Retail Group had their hand in finalizing 70 transactions in the first half of 2016.  These transactions total almost 2 million square feet of retail space and land, and include 16 big box transactions, 16 sales transactions and 54 lease transactions.  Following are a few highlights of some of the activity:


Goodwill of Central Arizona, represented by Andy Kroot finalized 11 new leases totaling nearly 300,000 square feet of space for new retail stores, donation centers and employment centers.


Mega Furniture, represented by Dave Cheatham finalized a new lease on South Military Way in San Antonio of almost 40,000 square feet, bringing the retailer’s total store count to 19 in Arizona and Texas.


Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, represented by Darren Pitts and Dave Cheatham, purchased three parcels in Phoenix and Tucson to help expand their new retail concept.


Mattress Firm, represented by Darren Pitts added three new locations to their Phoenix area store count.


Other standouts include new locations for Circle K, and Francis and Sons Car Wash, both represented by Brian Gast, as well as La-Z-Boy of Arizona, represented by Darren Pitts all expanding their store counts throughout Arizona.


Shopping center listings that Velocity Retail Group represents had leasing activity of 340,000 square feet in 20 different properties.  The leased spaces range in size from as large as 28,000 square feet to as small as 800 square feet in shopping centers located throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.


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