What to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in the real estate market can be a very smart move, but also, it might be very risky. Things are no different when it comes to commercial real estate. There is even more at stake since the investment is usually higher. The costs of commercial properties are fluctuating which makes the commercial real estate market rather volatile. But, what are the factors that can influence the price of a commercial property? Some of them cannot be foreseen, but let us take a look at the key factors that drive the market.

What to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate


The value of a commercial property is its potential to make income. However, it is the people who produce income, not the properties. In order to determine which properties will be in demand, one would have to consider statistics like migrationrace,age, and the average incomeof people for a particular location. After all, it is all about supply and demand when it comes to business. For example, if the trend is for people to move to a particular city or a neighborhood, it is highly possible that the prices of commercial real estate would grow in that area following the rise in demand. Demographics change constantly, and naturally, that affects the commercial real estate market. The current value of a commercial real estate can be multiplied in just a few years if the city is expanding towards the side where the mentioned property is located. 

Location of commercial real estate

Location is often crucial for commercial real estate. Over time, some locations become more attractive than others. That is especially the case with areas that are developing. When a city is growing in size and population, new lines of public transportation need to be addedtoo. Whenever there is a new bus line in a certain area, the prices of real estate go up. And, you can only imagine how the prices of commercial real estate rise when there is a new line or at least a new subway stationplanned nearby. Whenever the construction of many properties begins somewhere in the city, the destination becomes more interesting to the investors. 

The attractiveness of a location is closely connected to the business planned to take place on the premises. For example, some areas might be very appealing to IT companies while completely uninviting for family restaurants. That means that there is no universal location that fits every businessand that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding about investing in commercial real estate. 

Location means time and money!

Proximity to amenitiescan affect the commercial real estate market. The property is valued according to the availability of necessities and leisure facilities. The appearance of a new mall will increase the value of commercial properties nearby since the employees will be able to do their shopping during their break or after work more easily. The same goes for new restaurantswhere people can spend their lunch breaks or new gymswhere they can exercise. Even the completion of a water treatment plantnearby can raise the value of commercial property in the area. These are the parameters that affect the real estate market in general, and commercial real estate is no different. 


The overall health of the economy is something that can have a tremendous effect on the values of commercial real estate. The economic indicatorsto be looked at are GDPemployment data, the prices of necessities, etc. There is a higher demand for the types of properties that offer products and services that people spend money on. When the economy is weak, the purchasing power is low which drives the real estate prices down.

However,the change of economy does not affect all types of commercial real estate equally and in the same manner. Again it depends on the necessity for the products or services that are being offered on the particular property. That makes sense since not all businesses suffer the same during a crisis. 

Government policy

The legislation is another factor that can have an enormous impact on property prices and demand. The Government can temporarily control the pricesof commercial (and any other) real estate market through:

  • Tax deductions for commercial real estate
  • Tax credits
  • Subsidies

One should always be familiar with the current government incentives so that he or she can identify possibly false trends in the real estate market.

Interest rates

Investors usually borrow money from the bank so that they could finance their investment. When the interest rates go up, that means that borrowing costs more. That is if you analyze just the interest rates. However, we need to take a look at the broader image. First of all, the interest rates rise due to the improvement of economic conditions. Then, the rising interest rates are often linked to inflation. Since inflation means higher prices of goods and services, it also implies the more expensive commercial real estate.

The surrounding properties

It goes without saying that the neighborhood sets the bar for leasing or selling properties. If a very famous and successful company moves to your neighborhood, the chances are that your property, whether private or commercial, will be more valued. That will probably happen in Tucson since Amazon is adding acreage to their Westside facilitythere. 

The condition of commercial real estate the physical condition the commercial real estate is in also represents one of the key factors for determining its value. That goes for sale as well as for lease. The newer properties are more appealing since they usually do not require many repairs and upgrades. That is why they can be a bit more expensive to buy or rent. On the other hand, slightly older properties can be more affordable but they often require costly updates and repairs. So, maybe you will have to pay more in the long run.

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